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DARKReading: Security Considerations for Working with Cloud Services Providers (Dec. 14th)
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IT - CxO
How CIOs Can Revamp The Company SaaS Strategy
CIODIVE, November 28th, 2022

Infrastructure and operations leaders should proactively adopt SaaS applications, rather than retrospectively adapting to change.

5 Digital Transformation Metrics To Measure Success In 2023
The Enterprisers Project, November 28th, 2022

Measuring the success of your digital transformation can be tricky. Consider these five key metrics as a starting point

5 Top Qualities You Need To Become A Next-Gen CISO
CSO Online, November 30th, 2022

The world of cybersecurity changes quickly. If you want to be at the top of your game, a next-generation ('next-gen' in IT-speak) CISO, you should consider these guidelines for building and maintaining the skills and relationships that can take you to the next level.

3 Tips For CIOs To Address The Cyber Skills Gap
Solutions Review, November 29th, 2022

As part of Solutions Review's Premium Content Series-a collection of contributed columns written by industry experts in maturing software categories- Deepak Mohan of Veritas lays out three tips for CIOs to close the cyber skills gap through an all-hands approach and automation.

31 CISOs Share Their Security Priorities And Predictions For 2023
VentureBeat, November 30th, 2022

2022 was a pivotal year in the cyberthreat landscape. With the Russia-Ukraine war emboldening nation-state hackers and professional cybercriminals alike, organizations are under increasing pressure to optimize their security operations just to keep up.

5 Ways To Avoid IT Purchasing Regrets
CIO, November 28th, 2022

Over half of organizations have experienced a high degree of regret over tech purchases made in the past two years. Here's how to ensure your IT investments pay off.

6 Non-Negotiable Skills For CIOs In 2023
The Enterprisers Project, November 29th, 2022

The role of the CIO is constantly evolving to keep up with the demands of digital business. Here are six essential IT leadership skills for the coming year and beyond

CISOs' Priorities For The Coming Year
HelpNet Security, November 30th, 2022

BlueFort Security has announced the results of its 2022 CISO survey, which revealed that while CISOs are still experiencing challenges around visibility, intelligence and control, 47% are proactively focused on digital transformation and cloud migration.

How IT Managers Should Respond To The Tech Talent Shortage
CIODIVE, November 28th, 2022

Long gone are the days when organizations were solely software consumers. With the market constantly changing and disruptive forces impacting the world as we know it, organizations are being pushed to become software producers.

Manage Risk To Foster Innovation In IT
InformationWeek, December 1st, 2022

How can CIOs inspire their employees to be creative and innovative, while also managing the risk that innovation brings?

Digital Transformation: 6 Lessons For CIOs
The Enterprisers Project, November 28th, 2022

To lead a successful digital transformation, CIOs must embrace the role of change agent. Consider this expert advice to inspire and motivate your team throughout times of change

7 Must-Read Business Technology Stories From 2022
CIODIVE, December 2nd, 2022

From UPS CIO's parting thoughts to long-lived legacy IT, some of this year's top stories delve into the forces and strategies that shape enterprise tech.

Business IT Leaders Look To Reduce SaaS Spend, App Sprawl
ITProToday, December 2nd, 2022

Despite increasing budgets, tech leaders are under pressure to reduce SaaS spend. Here's how they are doing it.

Mainframe Modernization Crucial To Effectively Exploit Business Opportunities
SiliconANGLE , December 1st, 2022

Mainframes are crucial computer systems enterprises use to process data and run critical applications at an immense scale. Mainframe modernization has become a necessity as these machines become more crucial for organizations to respond quickly to real-time business opportunities.

How XPO's New CIO Keeps Tech On Track In Trucking
CIODIVE, December 2nd, 2022

The logistics company is leveraging data and an engineering culture to optimize the less-than-truckload freight business.

IT - Storage
Seagate Introduces HDDs As Fast As SSDs
Networkworld, November 29th, 2022

Seagates Exos 2X18 features multiple drive heads that enable it to match SATA SSD speeds.

Top 5 Data Migration Trends
TechRepublic, November 30th, 2022

Review the top data migration trends that could impact your organization in 2023 to ensure you're in the know.

Cybersecurity And ESG Among Top Areas Of Concern For Audit Leaders In 2023
DARKReading, November 28th, 2022

While cybersecurity continues as the number one risk, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) jumped up to number two on the list of emerging risks.

ESG: Risk Managers And Internal Auditors Must Work Closer With Boards
Continuity Central, November 30th, 2022

Boards of directors, risk managers, and internal auditors need to work more closely to meet the sustainability challenges facing corporations. Otherwise, there is an increased risk of not meeting legal obligations and market expectations. This is according to a new joint paper from FERMA, ecoDa, and ECIIA.

IT Infrastructure Lies At The Heart Of A Successful Sustainability Transformation, December 1st, 2022

While sustainability has emerged as an important boardroom priority over the last few years, incorporating sustainable practices within organisations has been fairly challenging.

2023 Trends In Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: Generative AI Unfolds
insideBIGDATA, November 28th, 2022

At present, the potential for generative Artificial Intelligence-the variety of predominantly advanced machine learning that analyzes content to produce strikingly similar new content-is boundless.

5 Risks Of AI And Machine Learning That Modelops Remediates
InfoWorld, November 28th, 2022

Modelops improves machine learning model development, testing, deployment, and monitoring. Follow these tips to keep model risks in check and increase the efficiency and usefulness of your ML initiatives.

AI Governance: How Blockchain Can Build Accountability And Trust
EnterpriseAI, December 1st, 2022

A recent article by McKinsey & Co. perhaps best sums up the current zeitgeist on corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiative

C3 AI vs. DataRobot: Top AI CloudPlatforms
eWeek, December 2nd, 2022

C3 AI and DataRobot are both leading AI cloud platforms. But which one is best for your business?

Disney's Latest AI Tool De-Ages Actors In Seconds
The Verge, December 2nd, 2022

In a bid to avoid hours of postproduction VFX, Disney researchers have created a neural network that can do the work for them.

How AI Adoption Has Yet To Reveal Its Real Potential
VentureBeat, November 30th, 2022

From top artificial intelligence (AI) scientists warning that deep learning will push radiologists out of employment, to healthcare professionals heralding that AI will redefine the doctor-patient relationship, to tech executives promising that fully self-driving cars are just around the corner, AI has been marked with plenty of failed predictions in recent years.

MyHeritage's 'AI Time Machine' Sends Your Face Back in Time
CNET, December 1st, 2022

I am slightly haunted by the results.

Tech Experts Offer 7 Predictions For AI In 2023
Database Trends and applications, November 30th, 2022

AI continues to fuel a hotbed of activity from automating mundane tasks to enhancing decision making, and progress in this area looks to heat up even more in 2023.

What Is Natural Language Processing?
eWeek, November 28th, 2022

Natural language processing uses artificial intelligence to replicate human speech and text on computing devices.

IT - Humor
On The First Day Of Christmas My CIO Said To Me...
Gartner, December 2nd, 2022

I hope you enjoy my annually updated festive blog. I have adjusted this over the years for CDOs, CDAOs, and CIOs - so you can swap out any of the labels as you see feet. Enjoy!

Two Signs In The Comms Cabinet Said 'Do Not Unplug'. Guess What Happened
The Register, December 2nd, 2022

No amount of resilience planning can defeat determined idiots whose devices are low on battery

IT - Technology
Hardware Still Has To Matter
Gestalt IT, December 1st, 2022

Listening to Alastair Cooke's presentation at the Intel Tech Field Day Showcase event, reminded me of a salient point when planning a cloud adoption: hardware still matters.

NTT Data Adopting Datacenter Inspection Robots To Relieve Humans Of Some Chores
The Register, November 29th, 2022

Will also offer them as-a-service to other bit barn operators

Tech Predictions For 2023 And Beyond, December 2nd, 2022

With several global crises occupying our daily lives, it's important to see where we can leverage technology to solve these hard human problems.

How One Company's ERP Adoption Boosted Efficiency And Cut Costs
CIODIVE, November 29th, 2022

Goodbye, paper processes and dusty inventory. Adell Group needed a system with proper capabilities and easy end-user experience.

Melissa & Doug Buys Oversized ERP To Grow Into
CIO, November 29th, 2022

When the preschool toy company grew out of its small homebrew ERP, it skipped the midmarket offerings and went straight for an enterprise-scale system in the cloud.

The Pros And Cons Of Using An ERP System
startupguys, November 28th, 2022

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is utilized by businesses that want to manage their operations from a single, unified database.

4 Ways Remote Work Has Improved Company Culture
The Enterprisers Project, December 2nd, 2022

Remote work has led to some positive changes in the workplace, including flexibility, diversity, and a strong company culture that reflects employees' values

IT Talent: 4 Smart Ways To Recruit The Right Software Engineers
The Enterprisers Project, November 30th, 2022

Struggling to fill an open software engineer role? Take these steps to find the perfect candidate

The New Way To Hire Tech Workers: From The Bottom Up
Computerworld, November 30th, 2022

As a dearth of tech talent continues to plague business, companies are getting more creative in how they find and train workers to fill key roles. Apprenticeships are among the fastest growing trends in discovering hidden talent.

Well-Being And Flexibility Are New Table Stakes For Today's Frontline Workforces
Gartner, December 2nd, 2022

CEOs' struggles to retain and attract talent - already a challenge in supply chain-intensive sectors well before the pandemic - increased and peaked in 2021 and early 2022. How do we know?

DDN News
At SC22: DDN's Kurt Kuckein Talks Advanced AI Data Management At Scale
insideHPC, December 1st, 2022

At SC22, we caught up with DDN Senior Vice President of Marketing to discuss major trends

Making AI More Efficient
DDN News, November 29th, 2022

Though some view technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) as still being too early for widespread adoption, the truth is AI and Machine Learning (ML) are already starting to make an impact across many aspects of our lives.

IT - Security
The 5 Core Principles Of The Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Model
Security Boulevard, November 29th, 2022

When even the US Government concludes that to ensure baseline security practices are in place and to realize the security benefits of cloud-based infrastructure while mitigating associated risks, they must migrate to a zero-trust model, every organization should be actively moving in that direction.

As CIOs Tighten Tech Spend, Demand For Cybersecurity Services Grows
CIODIVE, November 28th, 2022

Managed service providers can help fill talent needs and tame costs, but that strategy may require additional risk mitigation.

7 Steps To Implementing A Successful XDR (Extended Detection And Response) Strategy
SearchSecurity, December 2nd, 2022

As the definition of endpoints evolves, so too must the technology to protect them. Enter extended detection and response, or XDR -- one of cybersecurity's hottest acronyms.

Cybersecurity Predictions For 2023
Security Boulevard, November 30th, 2022

This is what Contrast Security experts see when they gaze into the cybersecurity crystal ball: Crooks will exploit the security and privacy vacuum at Twitter to turn it into a cyberattack platform.

Cybersecurity: How To Do More For Less
Security Boulevard, November 29th, 2022

Around the world, companies are experiencing a financial squeeze.

How CISOs Get Multicloud Security Right With CIEM
VentureBeat, November 29th, 2022

More CISOs will have to deliver revenue growth to protect their budgets and grow their careers in 2023 and beyond, and a core part of that will be getting multicloud security right.

Balancing Cybersecurity Costs And Business Protection
Informationage, November 28th, 2022

There are ways to keep cyber security measures cost effective while ensuring complete protection of the network.

One Year After Log4Shell, Most Firms Are Still Exposed To Attack
DARKReading, December 1st, 2022

Though there have been fewer than expected publicly reported attacks involving the vulnerability, nearly three-quarters of organizations remain exposed to it.

How CISOs Can Protect Their Growing Infrastructure Without Blowing The Budget
Security Boulevard, November 30th, 2022

The volume of data flowing through corporate networks is increasing at a phenomenal rate and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Gartner Analysts Reveal 8 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2023
VentureBeat, December 2nd, 2022

Cyber risks never stand still. With the Russia-Ukraine war continuing and economic uncertainty looming over the horizon, organizations need to be prepared for an increase in cyberthreats.

7 Cybersecurity Predictions And Trends For 2023
Security Boulevard, December 1st, 2022

Over the last few years, the advances in technology has caused the conversations around cybersecurity to intensify.

Top 7 CIAM Tools
CSO Online, November 28th, 2022

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) is the basis to improve management and control of third parties' access to a business. Here are the top seven CIAM tools currently in the market.

Zero Trust Security: Everything You Need To Know
Security Boulevard, November 30th, 2022

The pandemic has changed the business world as we know it, with digital transformation taking place at a feverish pace, data footprints increasingly moving off-premises and hybrid work culture becoming the way forward.

IT - Database
AWS Rolls Out New Database And Analytics Tools For Data Management At Scale
SiliconANGLE , December 1st, 2022

Amazon Web Services Inc. announced five new capabilities across its database and analytics products today during AWS re:Invent designed to provide customers the tools needed to help them manage and analyze data at petabyte scale.

5 Key Open Source Security Risks And How To Prevent Them
Security Boulevard, December 1st, 2022

Whether your company or organization is managing it, open source software (OSS) is firmly entrenched in software development strategies.

8 Ideas For Measuring Your Open Source Software Usage, December 2nd, 2022

Wondering how to collect usage metrics for your open source software project? Consider the pros and cons of using these alternatives.

LibreOffice 7.4.3 Open-Source Office Suite Released With 100 Bug Fixes,
9to5linux, November 28th, 2022

LibreOffice 7.4.3 includes a total of 100 bug fixes that improve document interoperability and the tool's reliability. Download it today.

SC22: CXL3.0, The Future Of HPC Interconnects And Frontier vs. Fugaku by Adrian Cockcroft
insideHPC, December 1st, 2022

This story starts 20 years ago, when I was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems and Shahin Khan, now a partner at the OrionX technology consultancy, asked me to be the chief architect for the High Performance Technical Computing team he was running.

What Cloud Business Trends To Look Forward To In 2023?, November 28th, 2022

The benefits of being a part of cloud technology have been attracting organizations of all sizes, especially in the post-pandemic world.

Is MFA The Vegetable Of Cybersecurity?
DARKReading, November 28th, 2022

Multifactor authentification is crucial for creating a healthy cybersecurity posture, but many companies are slow to adopt.

IT - Cloud
Cloud Computing: Don't Make These 10 Mistakes
ZDNet, November 28th, 2022

Here are 10 things you should avoid when developing a plan for cloud computing.

Cloud Security Starts With Zero Trust
HelpNet Security, November 28th, 2022

Organizations are increasingly moving their operations to the cloud, thus making security a top priority to make sure employee, personal and customer data is safe. Are organizations up to date with the security requirements?

Make 2023 The Year Of Cloud Computing Optimization
InfoWorld, November 29th, 2022

It's the week of AWS re:Invent and time for end-of-the-year cloud planning. Hopefully, we'll see a shift in thinking toward making more effective use of cloud computing.

Amazon EBS vs. EFS: An 'elastic' Comparison
SearchStorage, November 28th, 2022

Elastic Block Store and Elastic File System are two of Amazon's most popular storage types. Compare how they store data before deciding which one to use.

Cloud Computing Gets Back To Basics
InfoWorld, December 2nd, 2022

Recent trends show a return to cloud fundamentals, such as data, development, deployment, and security, rather than chasing what's new and cool.

Cloud Cost-Saving Claims Questioned
datanami, December 2nd, 2022

Does the public cloud help companies save money? While cloud vendors like AWS tout cost savings as a major benefit, the question once again has come up for debate, especially among medium-sized and large companies that have relatively consistent growth.

OpenStack Cloud Sees Explosive Growth
ZDNet, November 29th, 2022

The open-source OpenStack cloud has grown by 166% since 2020.

WW Public Cloud Infrastructure As-A-Service 2022
StoargeNewsletter, November 29th, 2022

IDC MarketScape Worldwide Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Vendor Assessment

Industry Analyst Tracks Emerging Trends In Cloud Databases And Custom Silicon
SiliconANGLE , December 1st, 2022

The growth of major cloud providers in size and influence has had a ripple effect on the technology industry.

IT - Wireless
5G Will Reach One Billion Subscribers This Year
vnote42, December 2nd, 2022

5G adoption is now far outpacing 4G

IT - Networks
Is SASE Right For Your Organization? 5 Key Questions To Ask
Networkworld, December 1st, 2022

Business and technology decision points for enterprises considering SASE

IT - IoT
IoT And The Edge - An Evolving Relationship
technative, November 28th, 2022

The internet of things (IoT) is fast becoming a reality.

Understanding Cybersecurity In IoT: The Power Of Small Steps
Security Boulevard, November 28th, 2022

In today's digital world, the Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. From smart watches and televisions to connected vehicles and medical devices, it's hard to find an aspect of our lives that's not impacted by the IoT.

IT - Careers
10 Most IT Skills In Demand To Master This Year
Tecmint, November 30th, 2022

With many companies and organizations having more IT (Information technology) job openings, there is no denying that many are enticed to dive into the industry.

7 Certifications For Cybersecurity Professionals In 2023, December 2nd, 2022

It's human nature to become complacent with a cushy status-quo. As we progress in our professional careers, structured learning can take a backseat to our hectic, day-to-day schedules.

7 Lies IT Leaders Should Never Tell
CIO, November 29th, 2022

Enterprise architect is a vital, growing role for aligning IT strategy with business goals. Whether you're interested in cloud, applications, software or systems, an enterprise architecture certification can boost your career.

IT - Virtualization
Video Calls Are Finally Getting Better For Virtual Machine Users, December 1st, 2022

Performance optimization is set to improve Google Meet calls on VMs

VMware Security Hardening Guides And How To Check Compliance
vnote42, November 30th, 2022

In times of Ransomware , security breaches and exploits it is more and more important to harden every layer of IT infrastructure.

IT - Compliance
The 4 Biggest Risks Of Non-Compliance With Data Privacy Regulations
Security Boulevard, December 2nd, 2022

On Dec. 9, 2022, an important data privacy compliance deadline will pass for organizations that process U.S. consumers' financial data.

IT - Email
5 Reasons Why Email Security Is Becoming A Top Priority For Organizations
Security Boulevard, December 2nd, 2022

Considering the proliferation of online threats in the modern era, email security remains a top concern for businesses.

The Evolution Of Business Email Compromise
DARKReading, November 30th, 2022

The simplicity and profitability of these attacks continue to appeal to threat actors a decade later.

IT - Big Data
Data Management Trends In 2023
Dataversity, November 29th, 2022

In a world driven by data, companies that are successful at extracting actionable insights through Data Management will be able to innovate more quickly, develop better strategies, and govern change more efficiently.

Best Practices To Follow For Data Migration
TechRepublic, December 1st, 2022

Migrating data successfully requires planning and a solid process to control your activities. Read here for data migration best practices.

Top Data Virtualization Tools
eWeek, November 30th, 2022

These leading data virtualization tools help uncover data insights using a combination of data discovery, data modeling, and virtual data integration.

5 Current Trends In Big Data For 2022 And Beyond
SmartDataCollective, December 1st, 2022

Five current trends that will shape the big data landscape of 2022 and beyond are streaming analytics, AI-driven big data, edge computing, natural language processing and cloud storage.

The Importance Of A Modern Data Architecture
Dataversity, November 30th, 2022

The legacy architecture of some organizations' data systems may need a serious upgrade to stay competitive.

IT - Encryption
Elliptic Curve Cryptography: What Is It? How Does It Work?
Security Boulevard, November 29th, 2022

Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) is a public key cryptographic algorithm used to perform critical security functions, including encryption, authentication, and digital signatures.

IT - Developer
Five Things Developers Want, And Why It's Time For Business Leaders To Pay Attention
technative, November 28th, 2022

Organisations increasingly acknowledge the vital role that developers play in delivering competitive advantage through innovative apps and digital services, as these enable them to remain relevant in an ever-transforming world.

IT - CxO Events
SNIA: Journey to the Center of Massive Data: Digital Twins (Dec. 6th)
Tuesday, December 6th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST

This webinar will introduce digital twin usage in edge IoT applications, highlighting what is available today, what to expect in the next couple of years, and what the future holds.

2022 Sight Tech Global Event (Dec.7th-8th)
Wednesday, December 7th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET

Sight Tech Global is the first global, virtual conference dedicated to fostering discussion among technology pioneers on how rapid advances in AI and related technologies will fundamentally alter the landscape of assistive technology and accessibility.

IIOT World Manufacturing & Supply Chain Days (Dec. 7-8th)
Wednesday, December 7th, 2022: 7:45 AM to 1:30 PM Thursday December, 8th

IIoT World Manufacturing & Supply Chain Days will bring together Industrial IoT (IIoT) subject matters experts from all over the world to share insights on IIoT & AI technologies applied in the Manufacturing Industry and Supply Chain.

DARKReading: Cloud Security Essentials (Dec. 7th)
Wednesday, December 7th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST

During this webinar you will: Find out how to put together a secure hybrid cloud strategy; Understand how remote workers can help or hurt the organization's overall security posture. Digital Transformation (Dec. 12th)
Monday, December 12th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Making speed a priority in software development and delivery is essential in today's digital economy. Both consumers and internal employees now expect their applications to not just be fast, but to also provide continuously updated application experiences.

AngelBeat: AWS Technology & Solutions - Re:Invent Re:Cap & Highlights (Dec. 13th)
Tuesday, December 13th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Cloud, AI, DevOps, Security, Kubernetes, Serverless, Data Analytics and more, on the AWS Platform, is the focus of this Tuesday, December 13, Webinar. This is a great opportunity to get a focused, concise and highly relevant 're:Cap' from the AWS re:Invent global summit, held just a few weeks earlier.

BWGStrategy: Future Healthcare Trends for 2023 (Dec. 13th)
Tuesday, December 13th, 2022: 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM EST

Join our panel of industry experts as they discuss their thoughts on future trends and innovations coming for the new year. Walk away with real actionable insights and ideas to take back to your team and organization.

DevOps Trends, Predictions and New Year's Resolutions (Dec. 13th)
Tuesday, December 13th, 2022: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Join us as we discuss: The driving forces behind DevOps in 2022; The opportunities and challenges we encountered; The forces we see shaping the industry; and What to expect in 2023

CIO: Becoming First-Party Data Driven - Empowering CX without Overpowering Relationships (Dec. 15th)
Thursday, December 15th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Join CIO contributing editor Lane Cooper and subject-matter experts from our sponsor, OpenText, for a private, hour-long, interactive, virtual roundtable.

Predict 2023 (Jan. 12th, 2023)
Thursday, January 13th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

The fifth annual Predict conference is being led by our Techstrong Research team. This year's agenda will be entirely live, featuring interactive panel discussions to prepare you for the new year ahead and beyond.

TechTalk: Analyst Series With IDC, East (Jan. 17th)
Tuesday, January 17th, 2022: 2:00 PM to 4;00 PM

Join IDC Analyst, as they shares unique research insights, options, and best practices to guide senior IT leaders. Participants will come away with persuasive data, fresh ideas, and new solutions for today's and tomorrow's challenges.

IT - CxO Security Events
Security Boulevard: Application Security (Dec. 5th)
Monday, December 5th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST

Recent high-profile software supply chain breaches have sharpened the focus on application security. However, as cybersecurity professionals know all too well, concern doesn't always equate to action. In theory, the rise of DevSecOps best practices that shift responsibility for application security further left should reduce, or outright eliminate, the vulnerabilities that now routinely make it into production applications

IDC: Improving Business Outcomes with a Modern Intelligence Platform (Dec. 6th)
Tuesday, December 6th, 2022: 2:00 PM t 00 PM ET

Join IDC analyst Jennifer Hamel and subject-matter experts from DXC Technology for a private virtual roundtable discussion on the latest approaches to monetizing data at scale, how enterprise intelligence initiatives can be purpose-built to drive specific business outcomes, and how you might improve your results by focusing on different personas within your organization and thinking of intelligence as a team sport.

CIO/CSO: Understanding Cyber Attackers And Their Methods (Dec. 7th)
Wednesday, December 7th, 2022: 11:30 AM to 5:05 PM EST

CIO's and CSO's Innovation Agenda, a one-day summit where those who walk the talk come to share their secrets just in time for the new year. We'll feature leaders whose perseverance has paid off in tangible results, among them winners of the 2022 CIO 100 and CSO50 awards programs. You'll learn from their hard-won efforts how to build winning teams, an innovative culture, and models for continuous innovation that keep your stars engaged.

VentureBeat: Intelligent Security Week Agenda (Dec. 6th - 8th)
Tuesday, December 6th, 2022: 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM Thursday, December 8th

The inaugural Intelligent Security Week is the hybrid event to be organized by VentureBeat, that is dedicated to the intersection between cybersecurity and AI.

DARKReading: Seeing Your Attack Surface Through the Eyes of an Adversary (Dec. 8th)
Thursday, December 8th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

In this session, you will learn about: Trends influencing the modern attack surface; How you can build an up to date version of your attack surface to include both known and unknown assets...

InformationWeek: Multi-Factor Authentication Hacks and Phishing Resistant MFA Solutions (Dec. 8th)
Thursday, December 8th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

In this webinar you'll learn: Government recommendations for effective MFA. MFA features that make it easily hackable.

Security Boulevard; Winter is Coming: 2023 Security Predictions and Strategies to Weather the Storm (Dec.12th)
Monday, December 12th, 2022: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

In this webinar, two security experts will share their perspectives on how security leaders and their teams should think about resourcing in 2023. From managing business risk to defending against evolving threats to staffing and resource allocation, this discussion will provide a broad look at trends likely to be at the forefront of security in the coming year.

Cybersecurity Outlook 2023 (Dec. 13th)
Tuesday, December 13th, 2022: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET

This virtual event will focus on some of the new threats posed by cybercriminals and nation-states.

BWGStrategy: Building An Enterprise Identity Security Practice (Dec. 13th)
Tuesday, December 13th, 2022: 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM EST

In this virtual event, Greg Irwin is joined by Jeff Purrington from SailPoint to discuss cybersecurity trends, why identity security has become business essential and how your organization can build an identity security practice.

DARKReading: Security Considerations for Working with Cloud Services Providers (Dec. 14th)
Wednesday, December 14th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

During this webinar you will: Get insider tips on negotiating cloud service provider agreements and managing ongoing communication in the event of a compromise; Find out how to get the best visibility into the security of the entire cloud environment.

blackhat: Exploiting Vulnerabilities In Your Container Workloads With AWS (Dec. 14th)
Wednesday, December 14th, 2022: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

In this live hacking session, we'll exploit an application as an attacker would to showcase some of the most common container vulnerabilities and how they expose your container application to a malicious actor.

IT - CxO Podcasts
SC22: Jeff McVeigh on Intel's 3 New Server Chips; oneAPI and Heterogeneity; and an Aurora Update
insideHPC, December 1st, 2022

We caught up with Jeff McVeigh, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Super Compute Group, to learn more about the three new server chips Intel recently announced, the Max CPU and the Max GPU series, along with the 4th Generation Xeon Scalable Processor.

What The Expanding Role Of The CIO Means To Lenovo's Arthur Hu
CIO, November 30th, 2022

For Arthur Hu, Lenovo's SVP, global CIO, and Services & Solutions Group CTO, the CIO role in particular goes beyond traditional IT in the same way digital capabilities are expanding into every aspect of the business.

Workforce Transformation: How To Create Diverse Teams?
CXOTalk, November 29th, 2022

In this episode of CXOTalk, two prominent business leaders discuss challenges and solutions to attracting, supporting, and maintaining a diverse and talented workforce.

Cisco News
Cisco Appdynamics Launches Business Transaction Insights In Appdynamics Cloud For Observability Of Cloud-Native Applications On AWS
Cisco News, November 29th, 2022

Cisco AppDynamics has launched new AppDynamics Cloud capabilities that allow organizations to achieve observability over cloud-native applications correlated to business context across the entire IT estate.

Cisco SD-WAN Multi-Region Fabric Unites Distributed Enterprises
Cisco News, December 2nd, 2022

Cisco SD-WAN Multi-Region Fabric (MRF) is designed to help IT build, deploy, and manage geographically distributed SD-WAN networks that provide resiliency, redundancy, security, and control.

Four Best Practices When Migrating to SAP S/4HANA in the Cloud
Cisco News, December 2nd, 2022

Many SAP customers are migrating their business process workloads and applications to SAP S/4HANA running in the cloud.

SD-WAN For Utility Operational Use? Are You Sure?
Cisco News, December 1st, 2022

Enterprises have widely deployed Software Defined WAN (SDWAN) over the past 10 years.

HP News
How 3D Printed Forms Make Impossible Architecture Possible
HP News, November 29th, 2022

New leaps in 3D printing technology make using unusual materials and shapes a reality for architects, pushing the envelope of what can be built, and how.

Tips To Help Your Brain Get Into 'Flow' At Work
HP News, December 1st, 2022

Not just for artists and athletes, achieving 'flow' can help your brain - and you - do better work.

AWS News
AWS And Atos Strengthen Collaboration With New Strategic Partnership To Transform The Infrastructure Outsourcing Industry
AWS News, November 30th, 2022

Leader in managed infrastructure services signs industry-first agreement with AWS to help customers drive cloud migrations and accelerate their digital transformations

AWS And Slalom Expand Next-Generation Strategic Collaboration
AWS News, November 30th, 2022

Renewed agreement supports global expansion, strengthens Slalom's collaboration with AWS Professional Services, and positions both companies to deliver innovative technology and industry-specific solutions to more joint customers

Amazon DataZone
AWS News, November 29th, 2022

New data management service helps customers catalog, discover, share, and govern data across their organization

Amazon Security Lake
AWS News, November 29th, 2022

Purpose-built security data lake helps organizations aggregate, manage, and analyze log and event data to enable faster threat detection, investigation, and incident response

AWS Clean Rooms
AWS News, November 29th, 2022

AWS SimSpace Weaver
AWS News, November 29th, 2022

Fully managed compute service enables complex, dynamic 3D simulations that model systems with more than a million objects, quickly predict real-world outcomes, and create immersive training spaces for customers

AWS Supply Chain
AWS News, November 29th, 2022

New cloud application improves supply chain visibility and delivers actionable insights to mitigate supply chain risks, lower costs, and improve customer experiences

Five New Capabilities For Amazon QuickSight
AWS News, November 29th, 2022

New capabilities in Amazon QuickSight Q enable customers to forecast and to ask 'why' questionsannounced five new capabilities to help customers streamline business intelligence (BI) operations using Amazon QuickSight, the most popular serverless BI service built for the cloud. Today's announcement expands QuickSight Q, a natural language querying capability, to support forecast and 'why' questions and automate data preparation, making it easier and faster to start asking questions in natural language.

Five New Database And Analytics Capabilities
AWS News, November 30th, 2022

Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters scales customers' document workloads to support millions of writes per second and store petabytes of data

Three Amazon EC2 Instances Powered By New AWS-Designed Chips
AWS News, November 29th, 2022

Hpc7g instances featuring new AWS Graviton3E chips deliver the best price performance for HPC workloads on Amazon EC2

Two New Capabilities To Move Toward A Zero-ETL Future On AWS
AWS News, November 29th, 2022

Amazon Aurora zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift enables customers to analyze petabytes of transactional data in near real time, eliminating the need for custom data pipelines

Brookfield Asset Management Selects AWS To Enhance Its Renewable Energy Operations
AWS News, November 30th, 2022

Global investment leader selects AWS as a preferred cloud provider to gain business insights, improve workplace safety, and automate hydroelectric, wind, and solar operations

Stability AI Selects AWS As Its Preferred Cloud Provider To Build Artificial Intelligence For The Future
AWS News, November 30th, 2022

Leading open-source artificial intelligence startup trains foundational models 58% faster and more cost efficiently using Amazon SageMaker on AWS

Wallbox Goes All-In On AWS
AWS News, November 30th, 2022

Leading provider of smart vehicle charging systems uses AWS's vast set of services and proven infrastructure to design and globally manufacture sustainable electric-vehicle charging and energy solutions

Yahoo Selects AWS As Its Preferred Public Cloud Provider For Its Ad Tech Business
AWS News, December 1st, 2022

Yahoo migrates its advertising tech infrastructure to the cloud, leveraging AWS's industry-leading technologies to innovate digital experiences for leading brands and publishers

VMware News
New VMware Research Suggests Businesses and Employees at Odds Over Workplace Innovation
VMware News, November 29th, 2022

More companies with hybrid working policies use formal metrics to measure impact over their office-only counterparts

Oracle News
OCI Recognized As A Visionary In 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant For Cloud Infrastructure And Platform Services
Oracle News, November 28th, 2022

Gartner recently released two key reports covering the major cloud infrastructure providers: The 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services (CIPS) and the 2022 Critical Capabilities for CIPS. We're pleased to share that OCI scored well in all criteria and use cases in the Critical Capabilities and was recognized as a Visionary.

Open, Interoperable, And Interconnected: An Abundance Agenda For Government Cloud IT
Oracle News, November 28th, 2022

The point of cloud is to do more with less. To be agile and elastic. To put more money on mission. To break down data silos. To embed artificial intelligence and machine learning into our core warfighting competencies.

Dell News
Creating Hybrid Multicloud Data Protection Order Out Of Chaos
Dell Technologies News, December 1st, 2022

2022 GDPI research points to demand for simple, modern and resilient data protection.

Dell Technologies Named CRN's 2022 Tech Innovator Award Winner
Dell Technologies News, November 30th, 2022

Dell VxRail satellite and dynamic nodes named Winner in the Hyperconverged Infrastructure category.

Driving 5G Innovation
Dell Technologies News, December 1st, 2022

How Dell Technologies is building collaborative partnerships across the telecommunications industry to further 5G innovation and value.

Proactively Discover Anomalies With Data Protection Advisor
Dell Technologies News, December 1st, 2022

How you can use the Data Protection Advisor Analysis Engine to spot anomalies and protect yourself against possible cyberthreats.

Protect Your Castle With Zero Trust Network Access
Dell Technologies News, December 2nd, 2022

All too often, bad actors access sensitive data through unsecured VPNs. Learn how Zero Trust Network Access can help.

Under The Hood: Dell Powerprotect Data Manager
Dell Technologies News, November 30th, 2022

An overview of the architecture of Dell's software-defined data protection platform.

Nutanix News
Nutanix Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2023 Financial Results
Nutanix Nutanix, November 30th, 2022

Reports 27% YoY ACV Billings Growth and Achieves Positive Non-GAAP Operating Income

Microsoft News
Microsoft Announces Quarterly Dividend
Microsoft News, November 29th, 2022

Microsoft announced that its board of directors declared a quarterly dividend of $0.68 per share

The Metaverse: An Evolution In Transportation, Travel, And Hospitality
Microsoft News, November 29th, 2022

The amount of hype around the metaverse is overwhelming

What's New In Microsoft Teams
Microsoft News, November 30th, 2022

From meetings to devices, from large meetings to 1;1 chats, we keep finding ways to innovate in a fashion that you can continue to easily collaborate.

Where People Are Moving - And When They're Going Into Work
Microsoft News, November 30th, 2022

New LinkedIn and Work Trend Index data reveals which pandemic-era work patterns are persisting-and the surprising trends that are transforming urban areas

IBM News
CFOs: 'Automate This' For Sustainability And Cost Savings
IBM News, December 2nd, 2022

According to IBM's Institute of Business Value 2022 CEO Study on sustainability - 'Own Your Impact' - more than 80% of CEOs say sustainability investments will drive better business results in the next five years.

How AI And The Latest Technologies Can Accelerate Progress On Sustainability Goals
IBM News, December 1st, 2022

It's common knowledge that recycling, reducing waste and buying sustainably sourced products are all ways to promote sustainability

How IBM And AWS Are Driving Joint Innovation For Partners And Clients
IBM News, November 30th, 2022

New SaaS offerings, consulting expertise and expanded mainframe application modernization help enrich the partner and client experience

ITOps Teams: 'Automate This' To Make Sure Your Applications Don't Cost You
IBM News, November 30th, 2022

If applications aren't running effectively, what will it cost you? Savings, customers, reputation?

Vision + Plan = Certification
IBM News, December 2nd, 2022

IBM Cloud certification is for anyone, working anywhere. Just ask Amr Elmestekawi, a freelance computer engineer in Cairo, Egypt.

Fortinet News
Fortiguard Labs Contributes To Interpol Multinational Cybercrime Suppression Operation In Africa
Fortinet News, December 2nd, 2022

For more than a decade, the leadership of FortiGuard Labs in the threat intelligence community has helped inform and protect customers, partners, and governments around the world

Fortinet Launches Managed Cloud-Native Firewall Service To Simplify Network Security Operations, Available Now On AWS
Fortinet News, November 28th, 2022

FortiGate CNF delivers enterprise-grade security managed by Fortinet and cloud-native integrations on AWS to simplify, scale and modernize security operations

Fortinet Supports ZTNA On-Premises And In The Cloud
Fortinet News, November 29th, 2022

In cybersecurity, the terms zero trust and cloud are tossed around a lot, which has led to no end of confusion. While zero trust has been associated with cloud-based services, it should really be leveraged in any environment where security services exist, both in the cloud and on-premises.

Now Is The Time For Improved Funding To Support Education Cybersecurity
Fortinet News, December 1st, 2022

Cyber attacks on education institutions have impacted all 50 states and Washington, D.C., costing students downtime and draining school budgets.

Simplify Cloud Security With The Fortigate Cloud-Native Firewall On AWS
Fortinet News, November 28th, 2022

Over the last decade, as e-commerce and Web 2.0 companies became proficient in running large-scale businesses on the cloud, the importance of security and compliance grew.

The Importance Of Integrated Solutions For MSSPs
Fortinet News, November 30th, 2022

For managed security service providers (MSSPs), choosing a vendor is a strategic business decision because profitability, growth, and service quality rely on well-defined technology standards.

Red Hat News
Friday Five - December 2, 2022
Red Hat News, December 2nd, 2022

The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.

Customer Success Stories: How Red Hat Openshift Solved Challenges For Organizations In It, Entertainment And The Public Sector
Red Hat News, November 30th, 2022

In this month's customer success highlights, learn how Colombia's Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, Westech and Kaizen Gaming used Red Hat OpenShift to accelerate time to market, improve scalability and expand services while also meeting stringent security and compliance requirements.

Event-Driven Automation: How To Build An Event-Driven Automation Architecture
Red Hat News, December 2nd, 2022

Event-driven automation is at the core of automating your emergency response, reducing reaction times to as close to real-time as possible. It's also at the center of a Self-Healing Infrastructure, enabling consistency and efficiency in lifecycle, content and compliance management across a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Paas To Kubernetes To Cloud Services: Looking Back At 10 Years Of Red Hat OpenShift
Red Hat News, November 28th, 2022

Nearly 10 years ago this week, at the very first AWS re:Invent, Red Hat took a leap of faith with our technology portfolio.

Red Hat Adds New Collaboration And Mlops Capabilities In Red Hat OpenShift Data Science
Red Hat News, November 29th, 2022

Today, we are announcing several new capabilities to Red Hat OpenShift Data Science, our managed cloud service for data scientists and developers of intelligent applications.

Red Hat Summit 2023: Save The Date!
Red Hat News, November 29th, 2022

Red Hat Summit is the place for our customers, partners, community members and IT professionals to come together to innovate, learn and help shape the future of the enterprise.

Citrix News
A Look At The Future Of Citrix With Our CTPs
Citrix News, November 28th, 2022

We recently had a great Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) session where we shared the go-forward plans for Citrix and talked about our vision, strategy, and priorities.

Citrix DaaS Is Now Available On AWS Marketplace!
Citrix News, December 1st, 2022

Citrix and AWS are making it easier than ever to leverage joint solutions. With Citrix DaaS on AWS, customers can purchase, deploy, and manage their desktop deployments directly through the AWS Marketplace.

How Retailers Can Embrace Hybrid Working To Drive Efficiencies
Citrix News, November 30th, 2022

When you think of hybrid working, retail probably isn't the first industry that comes to mind.

What'S New And Next With Citrix Daas And Citrix Virtual Apps And Desktops: Webinar Q&A
Citrix News, December 1st, 2022

Recently we delivered our 'What's new and next with Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops' webinar.

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