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Open source Call for Code for Racial Justice solution "Five Fifths Voter" deploys during National Voter Education Week to help educate voters and make their voices heard

IBM and the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles announced during National Voter Education Week the deployment of a new solution designed to help improve awareness of local, statewide, and national issues in communities lacking traditional access to and education about voting. Five Fifths Voter is a web-based application built using open source-powered technology to help educate, empower and enable disenfranchised minority voters to overcome setbacks incurred by voter suppression...

IBM to lay the foundations for Honda's end-to-end "Zero Touch" ambitions

IBM and Honda Motor Europe announced a five-year agreement under which IBM plans to manage and run Honda's finance and procurement operations across Europe. The contract is designed to deliver integrated end-to-end service which can help Honda improve efficiency, reduce costs, standardise processes across its European operations and ultimately set it on course to a "Zero Touch" vision.

The contract extends an existing ten-year relationship by giving IBM Global Business Services additional responsibility for procurement operations. The fully integrated finance and procurement intelligent workflow is designed to help enable cost savings, productivity improvements and improved service levels to Honda's suppliers and customers, on a resilient platform...

"Businesses and government share a collective responsibility to collaborate on preventing cyberattacks that could have a devastating impact or prompt national or global crises."

"There is an old saying with a timeless instruction: "If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together." As Cybersecurity Awareness Month kicks into high gear, it's critical to remember the key role that public / private partnership and collaboration will play in the security of our critical infrastructure.

As the former chief information officer (CIO) for the Department of Defense (DoD), I've thought a lot about the unique benefits that focused collaboration can bring. During my tenure, I collaborated with my team and across the armed forces to create a unified information management and technology vision for the Department. But technology was the easy part. When it came to cybersecurity, I knew that the latest technologies weren't the only answer. The constantly changing, interconnected and ubiquitous nature of the cybersecurity challenge also requires a change in culture..."

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