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Top Data Visualization Tools
eWeek, October 8th, 2021
October 8, 2021,
Volume 283, Issue 1

These top data visualization tools incorporate support for real-time and streaming data, AI integration, collaboration, and interactive exploration to facilitate the visual representation of data.

"Nothing embodies the old cliche 'a picture is worth a thousand words' like data visualization.

You can perform data analysis by looking at a spreadsheet of numbers in rows and columns, squinting at each row to make sure you read it right. Or - far better - you look at a pie chart or bar graph and get the full picture immediately.

Data visualization is the process of representing data in graphical form, be they charts, graphs, sparklines, infographics, heat maps, or statistical graphs. Data presented in visual form is easy to understand and analyze. Relevant stakeholders can then use the findings to make more efficient real-time decisions..."

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