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Online learning experts from Georgia Tech offer advice on how to overcome common hybrid and HyFlex instruction challenges

"Over the past year, universities have had to navigate a complex and ever-evolving patchwork of concerns - from national and local mandates to university system policies and public health guidelines. Universities are large, intricate organizations. Navigating such massive enterprises through rapidly changing circumstances is much like entering a cruise ship into an Olympic sailing competition.

At the core of the challenge, however, has been the question of who will be present in the classroom. This variable is not defined once for the semester. Some students, such as those encountering travel bans and delays with visa processing, may know they must complete the semester online. But any student could, at any time, miss class due to quarantine or illness..."

6 Reasons School Districts Need Cloud Security Automation
Security Boulevard, November 18th, 2021
New report finds gaps in K-12 cloud security. Here's how automation can help your district

"New research by EdWeek Research Center and commissioned by ManagedMethods, identifies gaps in school district's cloud security. These gaps are leaving student, staff, and financial data vulnerable.

A new survey analysis report, What You Don't Know Can Hurt You, found that over 94% of K-12 schools use cloud applications, like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. 56% of these respondents say they are confident that their cloud environments are private and secure. Yet, 50% of technology decision-makers and influencers either don't have a cloud security platform or know if one exists.

The survey also uncovered some concerning misconceptions about what cloud security is and why schools need cloud-specific security measures in place to protect their data..."

Having an intentional multivendor cloud strategy is critical for security, cost control and adoption success

"A growing number of higher education institutions these days are relying on multiple public and private clouds - in addition to dozens of cloud software vendors - for infrastructure to power hybrid education.

But it is common for universities and colleges to arrive at a multicloud approach without an overarching strategy to help them maximize their investments. And without an effective strategy, a multicloud environment can become expensive and complex..."

How Wireless Screen Sharing Helps Schools Cut Cords
eSchool News, November 19th, 2021
Wireless screen sharing meets the need for easy classroom collaboration and simple technology solutions

"Technology has become central to day-to-day processes inside schools, whether it's the classroom, common areas, staff rooms or lunch areas. In fact, 95 percent of teachers report that they use technology regularly, highlighting just how prevalent and inseparable it is from modern methods and styles of educating.

However, in this post-pandemic and technology-abundant era, teachers are faced with the challenge of facilitating collaboration amongst students-something that was lacking from the remote scene-while still being mindful of health concerns and guidelines. One potential solution that satisfies the need for collaboration while simplifying complex technology is wireless screen sharing..."

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