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Top500: Warm Leftovers While We Await The Exascale Feast
The Next Platform, November 15th, 2021
November 15, 2021,
Volume 284, Issue 3

Let's just cut right to the chase scene. The latest Top500 ranking of supercomputers, announced today at the SC21 supercomputing conference being held in St Louis, needed the excitement of an actual 1 exaflops sustained performance machine running the High Performance Linpack benchmark at 64-bit precision

"And because the 1.5 exaflops 'Frontier' system at Oak Ridge National Laboratories is apparently not fully built and the Chinese government is not submitting formal results for two exascale systems it has long since built and had running since this spring, we're hungry.

Excitement is as vital a component in supercomputing as any compute engine, interconnect, or application framework, and excitement is what competition in the industry is supposed to deliver - aside from the ability to do more science and better science. We are emotional people, living during a global pandemic that may never go away, during what is supposed to be a shining week for supercomputing and socialization amongst its participants, and this is just not right..."

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