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How To Effectively Plan Cloud Storage Scalability
SearchStorage, November 15th, 2021
There are many benefits but also many considerations in including cloud storage as part of a scalability strategy, from analysis of needs to testing your providers.

"Changes to an organization, such as a merger, acquisition or release of a new product, can result in a domino effect on the firm's IT infrastructure. These changes can specifically affect the data storage infrastructure and require additional capacity in a short time frame.

As a result, the ability to scale storage resources to accommodate a business need is essential. That's where cloud storage scalability has become a key piece of the planning process..."

5 Steps To Reduce Your Data Storage Headaches
Business 2 Community, November 16th, 2021
Today's business environments are highly data-intensive, leveraging analytics and insights to drive innovation and decision-making

Yet, managing increased amounts of critical business data, complex workloads, and distributed storage environments can be challenging for organizations. Here are five specific steps you can take to reduce the most common data storage headaches.

Scale with Object Storage

As companies continue to store vast volumes of unstructured data for analysis and insights, scalability must be front of mind. Because data grows exponentially, you can't always predict what your future storage needs will look like. Storage needs can change suddenly, overwhelming your current data storage capacity. As a result, you need storage that you can rapidly scale out or up to meet changing requirements.

Fibre Channel Guide from FCIA
Storage Newsletter, November 17th, 2021
The Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) is a non-profit international organization whose sole purpose is to be the independent technology and marketing voice of the Fibre Channel industry

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, we can see the impact the global pandemic has left on us all and the resulting changes to our everyday lives and the way we work. Even as we bring 2021 to a close, it's becoming clear the changes in the way we interact and work together may have longer implications for the future than we imagined

The back end of all our lives in modern times relies on data like medical records, banking, government and regulatory data that connect us with a touchless workflow. Now more than ever, we rely on reliable application access to data with security and efficient utilization to allow business utility to function seamlessly. Fibre Channel has been relied upon for over two decades to be the network transport most depended on to access enterprise data. The Fibre Channel industry is proud this storage network technology has played a majority role in accessing important data just when society needs it most.

Server Lifecycle Approach Lowers Risk, Raises App Performance
SearchConvergedInfrastructure, November 16th, 2021
Nemertes Research CTO John Burke warns that a server's lifecycle may be shorter than you think and offers a four-stage approach to maintain on-premises servers at peak efficiency

At no time has there been greater pressure for data-driven enterprises to streamline processes, sustain supply chains, monetize vast amounts of data, improve customer and employee engagements, and drive business outcomes. To gain a competitive edge, huge investments in advanced technologies have been among the highest priorities for businesses.

But there comes a time when companies digitally transforming at unprecedented speeds need to pause, evaluate their business models, validate their ROIs, and intelligently assess which technology equipment needs to be refreshed, replaced, recycled or abandoned. Racks of aging servers housed in physical data centers are no exception.

Western Digital Unveils 20TB Hard Drives, November 16th, 2021
New Ultrastar DC HC560 and WD Gold HDDs feature Western Digital's OptiNAND technology

Western Digital has unveiled not one but two 20TB hard disk drives (HDDs) with its new Ultrastar DC HC560 and WD Gold HDD.

Both of the company's new large capacity drives are available in the standard 3.5-inch form factor and feature its proprietary OptiNAND technology. OptiNAND integrates INAND Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Embedded Flash Drive (EFD) with traditional spinning disks which allows a total of 20TB to be packed onto nine platters with each platter containing 2.2TB of storage.

Consider the fine print of encrypting data at rest. For example, access control permissions can make or break a storage encryption plan.

Encryption is one of the most fundamental practices for keeping data secure. However, there is more to using storage encryption than just its enablement.

Here are three best practices for working with storage encryption at rest.

Review access control permissions

Regularly review the access control permissions for data. Although this best practice might seem to have little to do with storage encryption at rest, there is a reason for its inclusion here. Excessively permissive access control policies can undermine the security benefits gained with storage encryption.

If access policies grant everyone -- including unauthenticated users -- access to the data, then encryption becomes meaningless...

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