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How should Chief Information Officers think about technology planning and investment strategy for 2022? The Global Chief Technology Officer of EY, Nicola Bianzino, explains how to prioritize information technology investments in 2022.

With a 20 year track record of driving technology strategy innovation, Nicola Bianzino advises global clients on technology investment and their innovation agendas, providing industrialized technology products to meet their most pressing business needs. An early AI pioneer, he wrote a thesis on the application of neural networks to business in 1997.

Nicola is a high-profile global media commentator and contributes to MIT Sloan Management Review, Forbes and HBR. A thought leader on AI, machine learning, innovation and big data, he is passionate about extracting value from technology investment. He holds a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and Economics from the University of Florence.

Digital Transformation And Cybersecurity
CISO MAG, January 7th, 2022
Cybersecurity is an afterthought and often overlooked in hurried digital transformation projects. This has resulted in increased security breaches. Due to this, business leaders are hesitant to move forward with their digital transformation plans.

Organizations accelerated their digital transformation plans during the pandemic months. Plans that could take years to implement were executed in days and months. As a result, hurried decisions were made, and security was not thought through. It resulted in misconfigurations and careless security lapses leading to increased breaches and attacks. Hackers turned their attention to workers at home who have weak security. This led to increased phishing, ransomware and BEC attacks.

And because of this, other organizations are hesitant to embark on their digital transformation journeys or they have become prudent.

Mitigating Synthetic Identity Security Risks
Recorded Future News, January 3rd, 2022
Our guest this week is Recorded Future's Vice President of Product Management, Jamie Zajac. She explains the ongoing challenges organizations face with identity fraud, and what can be done to prevent it.

Bad actors continue to accelerate their use of inauthentic or captured online identities to facilitate their activities. Whether it's phishing for credentials, making use of leaked identity databases or scraping publicly accessible information, they take advantage of weaknesses in identity management systems and inadequate awareness to make their way into and, once inside, around systems.

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