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2022 Edtech Predictions - New Year, New Promises
eSchool News, January 5th, 2022
It's been quite the year for digital leadership and digital learning--and edtech holds much more promise for teachers and students

In this edition of Getting There: Innovations in Education, sponsored by Adobe Sign:

  • Seven ways education can change for the better
  • 64 bets on how tech will benefit students, parents, and teachers this year
  • How asynchronous video provides special complements to in-person instruction

Listen on!

The new year is an excellent opportunity to put last year's lessons into practice and start with a clean slate. While there were some disruptions in the educational sector, technology managed to keep many boats afloat.

Edtech tools have become a great asset for schools and universities worldwide, providing a delightful learning experience. Besides the learning trends that people are used to, there are a variety of rising digital trends that will revolutionize the learning space in 2022. Let's have a look at them:

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