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Best Talent Management Software 2022
ITProportal, January 6th, 2022
Tools to help you take on the challenge of finding talented people

The best talent management software makes it simple and easy to manage valuable employees, from acquisition to training to retention.

Retaining and maintaining the quality of those staff that drive a business forward is critical to the momentum of a company, and that simultaneously relates to both recruitment and retention of the most talented employees.

This is especially as the most-talented staff might be head-hunted by competitors who appreciate the advantage such employees can provide. The result is a loss to the original employer and a gain for the competitor.

From adopting gig economy best practices to expanding the use of AI, here are the top 5 HR tech trends to look out for in 2022

As we approach the end of the first full calendar year of living and working in a global pandemic, it's clear HR leaders will need to adopt technology in new ways to face continuing challenges with hybrid work, vaccine mandates and the Great Resignation.

From adopting the best practices of the gig economy to expanding the use of AI, here are the top five HR tech trends to look out for in 2022.

Protecting employee health, well-being and engagement are the top priorities.

Companies have once again had to backtrack on their back-to-the-office plans due to the surge in COVID-19 cases amid the Omicron variant. A mid-December 2021 Gartner survey found 44% of companies had pushed back or altered their reopening plans, and employees must now grapple with more uncertainty around where they will work and for how long.

We spoke with Elisabeth Joyce, Vice President at Gartner, about the impact of this all what HR leaders can do.

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