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Explore 9 Essential Elements Of Network Security
SearchNetworking, January 4th, 2022
Network security isn't a one-size-fits-all strategy. Dive into the various segments of network security, and learn how they overlap and interact with each other

IT has changed considerably, moving from a client-server environment to one driven by digital transformation, which increases the interaction of mobile devices, cloud resources -- such as SaaS and IaaS -- and IoT. All this innovation has greatly expanded the ability of people and devices to communicate. What remains constant, however, is that the network, no matter what form it takes, must protect the usability and integrity of network resources.

Top Network Security Trends
Datamation, January 3rd, 2022
Network security tools and practices continue to evolve, especially as networks themselves change through underlying networking technologies.

The growth of the cloud, the Internet of Things, and edge technologies, as well as the increased rate of cyber attacks, are requiring the network security market to adapt.

Read on to learn about some of the trends that network security experts believe are shaping the market:

5 Trends To Watch In Network Security

  • Growth of cybersecurity education and knowledge sharing
  • Molding cybersecurity strategies to hybrid network infrastructure
  • The push to increase third-party cybersecurity
  • Leveraging AI/ML for cybersecurity log management
  • Long-term planning for a zero trust architecture

Read on for details...

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