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With inflation and other global factors increasing the risk of recession, savvy IT pros are reconsidering their approaches to work to ensure career prospects in uncertain economic times.

Tech leaders are known for planning ahead, and many are watching the state of the economy with interest, as inflation is on the rise, coupled with pandemic-related supply shortages and other global factors that increase the risk of a recession. The same forward-thinking approaches that help tech companies adapt - when faced with other forms of disruption - can also be applied to your career.

There are steps you can take to protect and advance your career in worrisome economic times, including developing new skills and changing old habits. Progressive companies stay ahead of the curve by looking ahead, and you can do the same by making good use of your time and seeking new opportunities.

Here's a look at 10 ways you can help protect your career prospects in uncertain economic times.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Technology?
ComputerWorld, May 2nd, 2022
Businesses are hiring IT experts in droves as CIOs are offering flexible work options, such as a combination of in-office and remote work and higher salaries.

While all IT jobs lost during the pandemic have been recovered, the hiring of IT professionals is now being hindered by a lack of qualified individuals, according to the latest statistics.

Even so, the IT job market continues to expand. Over the past year, more than 11,000 new IT positions have been added each month, according to IT employment consultancy Janco Associates. (Janco bases its information on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics - the BLS.)

'All signs point to that growth continuing,' Janco said in a statement on its website.

Uptime Institute continues to build out its education resources and support offerings for datacentre operators that want to get to grips with the changing regulatory landscape around sustainability

The Uptime Institute is continuing to build out the support it can offer datacentre managers and operators that need to hone their sustainability strategies, with the roll-out of a new accreditation.

The datacentre resiliency think tank's Accredited Sustainability Advisor (ASA) course is geared towards providing participants with the knowledge and practical skills they need to create and manage a sustainability strategy on behalf of their organisation.

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