ITProToday: Five Unexpected Enemies of Your Data Center (May 26th)
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DARKRaading: Understanding Cyber Attacks on Remote Workers (May 10th)
Tuesday, May 10th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 5 30 PM EDT, Wednesday, May 11th
In this webinar, experts discuss some of the cyber attacks that have been made on end-users working from home, as well as exploits against remote systems and devices. You'll also learn what you can do to detect such attacks before they can do damage to your corporate data, and how you can mitigate them so they don't compromise your systems again.

Following the COVID-19 quarantines, companies made a massive shift to remote and home working - and created a new range of opportunities for cyber attackers. While early attacks focused on phishing and credential theft, today cyber criminals are compromising corporate data via home Wi-Fi, poorly secured endpoints, and vulnerable mobile devices.

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Learn how to reduce the attack surface created by the shift to working from home. Discover new methods and strategies for protecting home users, their data, and the network(s) supporting them.
  • Be better able to identify potential loopholes and vulenrabilities, as well as techniques for neutralizing them.
  • Reduce the likelihood of one of your users getting phished, not to mention the potential for ransomware and other malicious attacks.

Hosted by DARKReading

During our virtual events, we encourage senior professionals to share & network with like-minded industry peers. Each session is moderated by a BWG Connect professional to ensure that our conversations remain on topic and answer critical questions that the audience truly cares about.

All audience members will have the ability to ask live questions and will have access to introductions to any of the attendees following the event. We're always open to making connections to others within our network as well. Come join the BWG Community!

Discussion Topics

  • How to avoid data breaches resulting from misconfigurations
  • What Log4Shell has taught us about cloud security
  • How to manage security across multiple cloud providers
  • How to decide which risks need to be prioritized
  • How to secure cloud applications being provisioned outside of IT

Hosted by BWGConnect and Orca Security

This webinar will examine some of the difficulties faced by organizations trying to manage rapidly growing volumes of content and will show how a content management/content services platform can help.

Organizations have vast and growing volumes of content to manage, which has been made more difficult by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has accelerated the trend towards working from home on a long-term basis.

Protecting and securing content has never been more important as new regulations such as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California place additional burdens on organizations to protect content, particularly that containing personally identifiable information (PII).

Failing to adequately protect content places risks on organizations including: falling foul of regulators and legislators; facing a loss of content due to employee actions; or being unaware of the presence of contentious content.

Hosted by ITProToday

In this webcast, experts discuss the most effective approaches to securing the embedded systems and industrial systems used in their enterprise. You will learn strategies to apply security to things that weren't designed to consider security. You will receive advice on monitoring and protecting next-generation IoT technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is much bigger than appliances in business contexts, as tools and non-computer devices are increasingly connected to the Internet. And attackers are taking advantage of these Internet-enabled technologies to target corporate data and systems. How can an enterprise IT department develop and manage an effective security strategy for IoT technology?

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Discover which IoT devices have been targeted for compromise by bad actors.
  • Learn how to fine-tune your security strategy to embrace end-points not typically associated with IT networks.
  • Find new ways to measure your risk profile, as well as defend against common IoT vulnerabilities.
  • Be better equipped to monitor, manage, and protect IoT devices from inside the security operations center.

Hosted by DARKReading

ITProToday: Cyber Resilience in the Cloud is Not Optional (May 17th)
Tuesday, May 17th, 2022: 2:00 PM to 3 00 PM EDT
In this webinar, we'll show you how Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security can help make your data safe from hackers, boost recovery preparedness across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and keep your business running.

In this webinar, we'll show you how Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security can help make your data safe from hackers, boost recovery preparedness across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and keep your business running

With Rubrik, you can accelerate your data to Microsoft Azure and other cloud environments, quickly recover the data you need - when you need it, protect data in applications born in the cloud, and even secure critical Microsoft 365 applications from targeted threat actors - all within a singular SaaS application.

Hosted by ITProToday

The World's Biggest AppSec Conference, By Security Leaders for Security Leaders

Attend AppSecCon 2022 to learn from top security leaders. Securing software in a world moving at the speed of DevOps is a monumental challenge, but when experienced security leaders and practitioners share their insights, attendees gain new perspectives on problem-solving.

Hosted by Techstrong

In this webinar, experts will describe tools, processes, and strategies for improving user and system security, and for integrating AD into an effective security architecture. You'll also learn about the latest attacks and threats posed to AD, and how you can mitigate them.

For cyber criminals, Microsoft's Active Directory is a treasure trove of user identity and system access. But while Active Directory is a potential attack vector, it can also play a crucial role in enterprise cyber defenses.

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Get a clearer picture of the threat landscape associated with Active Directory.
  • Discover new tips and tricks to leverage AD and improve your security posture.
  • Learn lesser known mitigation techniques that blunt or nullify AD threats.
  • Be better equipped to integrate AD into your larger security management framework.

Hosted by DARKReading

In this panel discussion, top experts will discuss the benefits of XDR, the challenges in implementing it, and details on how to implement XDR technology to speed the detection and mitigation of new exploits.

Security operations teams are taking a hard look at extended detection and response tools - XDR - as a means of collecting and analyzing threat data and identifying cyber attacks faster and more efficiently. But exactly how does XDR technology work? What tools does it require, and what skills do you need to have to use it in your enterprise?

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Be able to better assess how XDR fits best with your organization's comprehensive security strategies.
  • Find new ways to exploit the hidden gold in mountains of threat data.
  • Discover how XDR can accelerate threat detection and the subsequent mitigation of any malware and exploits uncovered.
  • Get a clearer picture of building a business case for XDR and how to simplify its implementation

Hosted by DARKReading

DARKReading: How Data Breaches Happen (June 23rd)
Thursday, June 23rd, 2022: 11:00 AM to 5:15 PM EDT
A full-day virtual event on the vulnerabilities that lead to security incidents - and how to respond in the event of a data breach.

Every day, the headlines are filled with news of major enterprises being hacked or infected with ransomware. From supply chain attacks such as SolarWinds or Kaseya to critical infrastructure breaches such as Colonial Pipeline, it seems that no organization is safe from cyber breaches. Is your organization ready to respond when it happens to you?

On June 23, Dark Reading will host a free, all-day virtual event will look at some of the most common vulnerabilities that lead to enterprise data breaches, as well as the latest tools and best practices for incident response.

If you are looking for the latest strategies and practices for preventing cyber breaches -- and how to respond when they happen -- then this virtual event is for you.

Hosted by DARKReading

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