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At the start of every year, many people make resolutions to help them reach personal and professional goals.

This year, the Citrix Endpoint Management team is focusing on enhancing our agility and regularly providing new features for our customers. We want to show customers that Citrix Endpoint Management is back and that we're listening and providing the features they want.

Organizations running VDI must always keep front of mind multiple moving parts including many backend systems, dependencies on different services, coordination with multiple teams, and multi-fold expectations from stakeholders.

Managing these elements can take away from the primary goal of organizations to create seamless and high-performance hybrid-work environments. How can we make our businesses as productive and efficient as possible? A purpose-built, DaaS architecture that fits the needs of business and technology could be the answer.

Citrix partner Wipro's VDI service delivery platform virtuadeskTM supports around 1 million productive VDI users across the globe in different industries. Praveen Kumar Daduy, who leads Wipro's R&D and architecture of the VDI practice, and I had an exploratory discussion on how Wipro successfully delivers future-ready solutions to help organizations build a DaaS-driven strategic technology platform. Here are key highlights from our discussion on how organizations can consider the right fit architecture for diverse requirements.

What's New with the Citrix ITSM Adapter Service
Citrix News, January 18th, 2023
Since we announced the Citrix ITSM Adapter service, we've added even more capabilities that accelerate innovation, enhance our customers' IT productivity, and address business-critical challenges.

I'm excited to share the new features and functionality we introduced in our 22.12 release. Let's take a closer look at the enhancements we've made.

Support for Delegated Session Reset

We've worked with ServiceNow to improve the experience for users requesting session resets. Previously, end users were required to log in to ServiceNow to reset their sessions. However, in some cases, users might not have access to ServiceNow. For example, third-party users might not have a ServiceNow license allocated to them or if a user's hung session might be the only available workspace they have access to.

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