NETWORKComputing: The Business Value of AIOps and Wi-Fi as-a-Service (Feb. 21st)
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If the current decade has a theme, it's that we should expect the unexpected. From the pandemic and ground wars on the geopolitical front to crypto-fraud and AI that can imitate human creativity in the tech world, the most impactful developments have seemingly caught us off-guard.

A few technology standouts have begun to generate buzz in just the earliest days of the year. It's safe to say that they'll continue to draw our curiosity (and skepticism?) in the months to come. Here's what we're keeping our radar trained on:..

  • Generative AI changes creative work
  • Improving resilience in the wake of cyber attacks
  • Sustainable technology evolves
  • Rundles for every type of consumer
  • Gaming gets more immersive
  • Personalized healthcare for patients
  • Ambient computing everywhere

Read on for details.

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