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2023 Predictions For Cloud, As A Service And Cost Optimization
Search Cloud Computing, January 17th, 2023
Given the highly uncertain state of the economy, this should be the year that brings an end to dinosaur thinking about enterprise IT and costs.

In times of economic uncertainty, extra pressures often divide people and organizations. There are those who view the uncertainty as a wake-up call to change, adapt and evolve -- and there are those who see uncertainty as a time to pull back, reduce risk and wait out the storm.

At AWS re:Invent, AWS CEO Adam Selipsky touched on this idea in his keynote. He recommended that leaders not cut back but rather focus on seizing new opportunities in times of uncertainty.

Reckons Dell kit could have stretched that dollar further

David Heinemeier Hansson, CTO of 37Signals - which operates project management platform Basecamp and other products - has detailed the colossal cloud bills that saw the outfit quit the cloud in October 2022.

The CTO and creator of Ruby On Rails did all the sums and came up with an eye-watering cloud bill for $3,201,564 in 2022 - or $266,797 each month.

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