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7 Ways To Secure Sensitive Data In The Cloud
Data Center Knowledge, March 8th, 2023
From access control to pseudonymization and everything in between - we delve into methods and technologies to help you secure sensitive data in the cloud.

Data and information are the new oil; who hasn't heard this metaphor? Thus, protecting company data is - obviously - a management priority. The main challenge for CIOs, CISOs, data protection officers, and their security architects is to select and combine the right software solutions, patterns, and methodologies into a working, cost-effective architecture.

Access control, encryption, DLP/CABs, masking, anonymization, or pseudonymization - all can help secure sensitive data in the cloud. But how do these puzzle pieces fit together? And how do public clouds, such as AWS, support engineers and security professionals implementing such an architecture? Let's dig in.

The cloud has changed cybersecurity. Here's why these changes make security more challenging.

Table of Contents:

1. Complex Access Controls

2. Heightened API Security Risks

3. Multiple Clouds

4. Perimeterless Networks

5. New Types of Cloud Cybersecurity Attacks

6. The Growing Security Cost of the Cloud

Cybersecurity has become tremendously more challenging over the past decade. The number of cyberattacks increased by about 60-fold. The average cost of attacks has also surged, growing from about $3.8 million per incident in 2015 to $4.35 million in 2022.

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