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Solutions Review editors assembled this resource containing essential enterprise data storage security best practices to know. For an even deeper breakdown of securing storage, we recommend reading the NIST Special Publication: Security Guidelines for Storage Infrastructure.

Enterprise data storage security has become increasingly complex and challenging in recent years due to the exponential growth of data and the proliferation of cyber threats. While organizations have reaped the benefits of increased efficiency and accessibility of data, they are also faced with the daunting task of safeguarding it. With the growing threat of data breaches and cyber-attacks, there is a growing need for enterprises to implement comprehensive security strategies to protect their data.

Backblaze: SSDs Fail Slightly Less Than HDDs
Blocks & Files, March 10th, 2023
Cloud storage provider Backblaze has found its SSD annual failure rate was 0.98 percent compared to 1.64 percent for disk drives, a difference of 0.66 percentage points. It also noted that SSD manufacturers' SMART stats were not so smart.

Backblaze stores customers' backup and general storage data in its cloud datacenters. These are composed of disk drive pods and servers that use SSD boot drives. It has published disk drive annual failure rate statistics for some years and has now accumulated enough SSD data to publish SSD AFR numbers for the first time.

The surprise is that SSDs are not much more reliable than disk drives with their mechanical components - the moving read:write heads and spinning platters.

GigaOm Radar For Kubernetes Data Protection, March 9th, 2023
Outperformers: Kasten by Veeam, CloudCasa by Catalogic, Commvault, NetApp

Kubernetes is the industry standard for container orchestration, and it's being used by born-in-the-cloud startups and cloud-native enterprises alike. It's found in production on-premises, in the cloud, and at the edge for many different types of applications, including some that Kubernetes wasn't initially built for.

How SSD Data Reduction Can Help Enterprises
SearchStorage, March 9th, 2023
Data reduction techniques have been difficult to achieve on SSDs, but vendors appear to be making progress. The more effective the data reduction, the more affordable SSDs become.

While data reduction in storage used to have a backup focus, vendors now commonly include the technologies in their flash-based systems.

The superior performance that SSDs offer over HDDs has made it possible to use data reduction techniques even in primary storage systems that support mission-critical applications. Vendors have also improved their data reduction techniques for better efficiency and to help minimize the impact on performance.

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